Monday, 8 September 2014

Illuminations - prt 1

Hello people,

Bit of a quick one and somewhat interlinked so stay with me. I've finished off, bar the transfer shoulder patches, the last of my Commando support teams, specifically the Sniper, PIAT and 2" Light Mortar teams, for another 10 Painting Points.

The photos are taken by and uploaded from my phone i.e. quick, lazy and acceptable. I've tried to sort out a proper set-up a few times all of which have been jury rigged and fairly high maintenance. That's until I came across this on Amazon
The lightbox is a 16" cube which should be plenty for TOYs. I've already got an adjustable camera stand but will definitely give this one a go. Apparently the lights can get a bit hot but everything folds away into a carry case which seems like a big selling point for me.Once it rocks up and I manage to sort it out I'll take a few test shots of the same figures as a compare and contrast.

Anyway, the boys. As always it's a grim run of rank and file left to do!

1 comment:

  1. Commandos look great. Really looking forward to the comparison shots of the different photo setups.

    The kakis on the models are extremely well done. Spot on color, shades and highlighting