Friday, 12 September 2014

Heavy Breathing....

In a kind if slightly stalkerish way X-Wing is slowly infiltrating my gaming sphere. 

I've been donated a necessary damage deck and I've purchased a double booster pack of dice! I've also got dibs on a spare set of movement templates, the banks are different to STAW, and even a play mat, all courtesy of Mr C. Apparently I still need to salvage a set of asteroid counters.
So it would seem that I'm definitely in, I just don't own any actual ships! As I'll be going Scum and Villainy it'll be New Year until I get fully stuck in but I'm sure I can borrow until then. There may even be the odd event which seems bizarre pre-purchase which is a new one on me!

Meanwhile I've been doing a bit of vague fleet research by trawling the blog-o-sphere. Most recently the X-Wing Game Community Blog put up a piece analysing a recent tourney event. As usual my motivation is to be competitive rather than killer and it's interesting to see the more popular builds and cards. 

X-Wings and swarm Academy TIEs are obvious favourites with Z-95s and Phantoms well up there to. The upgrade favourites are pretty clear to. I am reliably informed that Veteran Instincts assists ships that don't deal with stress well while Push the Limit works the other way round.

Z-95s and Y-Wings for me for a bit, likely with a Firespray mixed in as I'm already keen to go full Bounty Hunter.

"Kill him Dad, KILL HIM!!"

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