Sunday, 23 May 2010

All Hail THE KING!!

The king of biscuits that is.... the CHOCOLATE HOB-NOB :)

Last weeks Star Wars RPG session was moved from Tuesday to Thursday to accomodate Aaron and the GM, me, ruled that as such he was to provide offerings of a biscuit variety.
The boy dun' good!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch;

Unfortunately Charlie (Sindori) couldn't make the session at the last moment but this was good news for Mr C as his chap spent the whole session lying on the floor oozing various body fluids.

As such MrC "looked after" Sindori for the evening. Somehow dear old Sin' came through the ordeal in one piece, minor laser-burn aside!

A few well-placed shots and storming of a barricade, step forward Sin', did a job. Access was gained to the, relatively singed, main computer and a variety of data slices and spikes were attatched in short order.

The prior occupants of said control room turned out to be previous acquaintants of our intrepid heroes, the Zabrak biker Kid Zero and Rodain tech for hire Klint.

Aaron (Mormar) seemed to have some form of biscuit induced sugar rush and capped Zero a la Sindori, which greatly annoyed Jon's Jedi (Zhaan). Apparantly that's worse than not letting the Wookie win!!

Klint had meanwhile, shockingly, double crossed Zero and the sting in the tail / tale was a small horde of battle droids chasing the heroes /villians from the complex with many Gigabites of lovely data in hand.

They did however more resemble a first aid column at this point!

So, next session will be round at the house that myself and 'Er Indoors moved to at the weekend for myself to finish off and Jon to set the scene for the return to D&D. Should be good :)

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