Wednesday, 26 May 2010

That SINKING feeling

It was club night again this week and I drew Jon's Orcs as my next opponent in the Uncharted Seas campaign.

Overall, i've been doing fairly well with a recent Major Victory propelling me up the table. Jon's dice have a reputation for letting him down at inopportune moments so I was feeling quietly confident.

I decided to try and counter the Orc's close-quarters agression by meeting that head on with a fairly agressive fleet list, featuring plenty of broadsides and an intention to close the range quickly.

I paid little attention to the wind direction slowing the majority of my fleet (doh') and soon found my Battleship out on it's own. I felt that it could happily survive Jon's dice, serving as a dangerous lure, to allow me to deliver a killer blow with the rest of my fleet.

One particuarly broadside against "The Noxious Pearl" of a dozen or so dice scored 23 hits, just one away from a double critical!!

I soon found that I had underestimated the strength of the wind and the jaws of my pincer simply served to fragment my force further in the face of Jon's juggernaught.

Using the dice that Jon lent me (DOH') my firing was patchy at best and a few desperate gambits failed to come off fully. Edging back towards a draw, Jon's final shots despatched my Battleship earning him a Minor Victory, missing a Major by just 5 points. He honestly deserved the biggy!

Lessons learned during an enjoyable game :)

Meanwhile, it has become obvious that the only real painting day of the month will be this Sunday and so to save a NIL result I shall stoop to painting a couple of Space Hulk objectives. Oh, the DESPAIR.

On the upside, should you creep to the end of OUR garden you will find The Games Room fully prepared and ready for dice to roll. A donated mini-fridge will soon be added :)

So with next Tuesday's roleplay being my Star Wars tie-up and Jon's D&D set-up i've decided to christen it's first use with a barbeque. The missus will be away in Germany on a business trip.


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