Thursday, 6 May 2010

Welcome to the Dork Side

I know what you're getting for Christmas, for I HAVE FELT YOUR PRESENTS!!

Meanwhile the chaps committed themselves to the final mission of this chapter with great gusto but yet again, little stealth!

This innocuous complex is the location for an SIS (Senatorial Intelligence Service) covert data-dump! No..., really!!
With everyone looking at each other for leadership Charlie (Sindori) took affirmative action and opened the assault with a "subtle" grenade into an empty room. Rob (Perit) followed this up with a slighty more effective long-range shot to take off sentry 1's head.

That's another Goon family cruelly deprived of a loving Husband and Father. Shocker!
Sentry 2 legged it as Aaron (Mormar) crashed his skiff into and through the barn pitching out Mr Christian (I forget!) and getting both of them some hot laser love from Sentry 3, hiding out in the Undertaker's office.

Once he was "DEALT WITH" by Charlie a long and arduous search eventually (lots of single digit rolls) located a hidden airlock in the floor of the recently re-modelled barn and access to the subterranian data-dump was secured.
I've been getting great value from my Space-Hulk floor-plans though this time I denied the lads a map and made them tunnel-crawl through the murk.

Mr Christian's holy warrior style Quarren led the way until his poor perception dice and my natural 20 put him on the deck with a vicious head-wound.
Sentry 2 continued to apply shoot and scoot as the boys made the schoolboy error of SPLITTING THE PARTY :0

With the dice continuing to run my way the lads placed themselves neatly within my viciously planned crossfire and Aaron joined Mr Christian's membership of the Heavy Wound Club.
And that's where time beat us!

The situation is finely balanced and the break will allow me to modify plans appropriately. I had opened the evening discussing my wish to introduce some form of permanent wound system, ably balanced by access to professional medical care at a professional medical cost, of course.
It now seems somehow prophetic.
Maybe I should award myself a dark side point....... or three :)

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