Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shoot the BIG ones

Target prioritisation, it's a big deal to gamers of almost every ilk.

So far this month I haven't picked up a brush in anger once and the DTs are beginning to hit. There are many reasons for this and its also a white lie but i've got the DTs and they need a fixin'. I didn't even get in any Games Club this week.

Why the missus couldn't have moved her ACTUAL birthday I have no idea. And tonight I have to go away with her for the weekend, AGAIN, somewhere NICE to spend QUALITY time together. Not a genestealer in sight. Sniff.....
I'll stop showing off now but this does happen to every gamer at some point.

We're actually moving in together next week and there's a large shed at the bottom of the garden carpeted with light and power.
Its called The Games Room.
Actually, my better half has been keen for me to have it for toys and i'm very pleased. VERY :)

As a result, i've touched up my Hordes: Everblight force (the white lie) and stuck them on E-Bay. Sell well my beauties and transform into Copplestone's resin lab scenery!!

So, whilst LIFE has struck i'm in relative danger of a non-scoring month PP wise. I have sprayed up the contents of Space-Hulk and if I should get so desperate I can paint the CAT token.
All will depend on how quickly I can get set-up and how much of the Bank Holiday weekend I can shut myself away for.


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