Monday, 17 May 2010

Reach for the Sky

After all my mock whinging it was a particuarly lovely weekend spent in West Sussex, just outside of Chichester if you must know.

We over-ate and visited Arundel Castle (hugely excellent), Petworth House and West Wittering beach.

At Petworth House we joined the National Trust and I was pleased that the welcome pack DIDN'T include a pipe and slippers, though I wouldn't have been surprised if it did!

Another highlight of the weekend was visiting the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum and thier English Electric Lightning.

Built during the cold war as an all-out interceptor to counter the hordes of Soviet "Bear" bombers it has been described as two rockets attatched to a fuel tank and a seat!

You may have already detected my boyish glee and I was, once again, quickly reduced to a gibbering childlike hyperactive state. As previously stated she's a very lucky girl!

As foretold no more hobby activity has taken place. Infact i've begun sifting and packing of all my painting stuff for THE MOVE on Saturday.

I have however bought an old extendable dining table and six chairs via E-Bay for the gaming shed for £22. We just need to go and pick it up on Sunday.

Meanwhile it will be the final roleplay session at the flat on Thursday and should bethe final Star Wars session before swapping back to Jon's D&D campaign. Re-arranged for Aaron he will be providing the biscuits.

New beginnings and all that :)

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