Friday, 8 July 2011

The Week Off - Day 4 - Prt III

As threatened we round out the day with another space based session of Star Wars RPG.

Having recently pinged up a level we had the usual housekeeping to complete as well as refreshing the current plot position i.e. having just arrived at the asteroid mining facility Persephony in the ship that they've spent blood and tears having repaired seriously shot up! Deja-vu?

To gain a berth at Persephony our band must carry out a shady salvage operation on a re-directed Trade Federation transport. They're not the first group employed for the job but the first lot didn't come back and other salvagers may now be on the trail.

After a quick bit of trade and repair the lads limped off and soon snuck up on a set of real salvagers and engaged in their favourite past time of heavily debating courses of action, much to my amusement.

Having had a go at stealth they lost their bottle and switched to a poor line in bluff swiftly moving on to all out attack. With rules, supplements, I-Pads and a laptop all brought to bear we worked our way through the combat which was quickly brought to a close by two concussion missiles fired into their unsuspecting foe.
Disabling their unsuspecting competitors things turned nasty with Mormar, their glorious leader, continuing to hammer fire into them trying to demand a surrender whilst not fancying the risk of a boarding action. Opinions were genuinely split amongst the party with the Jedi about to act as with engines and weapons further disabled they boys moved off.  Still some talk of coming back for afters!

Locating the Trade Federation transport it was quickly established that all power, life support, gravity and atmosphere was at a likely nil. More worrying was the shuttle moored to it's port side, heavily damaged and breached, seemingly form the inside.

From the engineering and command sections all of these functions could be restored but that would be the long way round. If only they had access to proper salvage gear......

Oh, hang on a minute!? :)

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