Saturday, 2 July 2011

SPACE: Above and Beyond

Yeah, I remember it fondly to despite a few gaping plot holes and the need to suspend belief. With all of that I never understood why the Yank audience doomed it to just one series. Cest la vie.

The Star Wars boys finally made it "into the black" this week after FINALLY liberated the Centennial Sparrow from Black Rock Spaceport. In fact they swept aside my final flourish with insulting ease, despite having to physically drag half of thier number aboard :)

So the remainder of the evening was spent exploring space combat against a blockade of 2 Vulture droid fighters.

Having had a bit of a read through I wasn't sure that there was enough on offer to keep the whole group engaged / occupied / interested. Our 2 I-Padded members had the above book on PDF which has a sectione entitled "Making Space Combat Interesting"..... hmmm

Working through the apparantly basic / easy combat things soon hotted up in line with the vaguries of the dice and the two Vultures were only just dispatched with the Sparrow creaking ominously with 4 of its 120 hit points remaining.

Lessons learnt??

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