Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Week Off - Days 2 & 3

So basically I've done VERY little re THE PLAN. Basically I did a bit of work yesterday morning on the Supernaturals before disappearing off until late this afternoon.

I need to crack on somewhat tomorrow otherwise something is going to fall of the wagon but I don't really mind if it does as I've already got one full time job!

First game of the week was trying out 7TV: Star Wars with Rich tonight. Good game, it works! Roleplay tomorrow eve and I need to do some prep which means a bit less time with the brushes. Oh well!
Aren't you a little Clone Wars for a Stormtrooper? Luke disguises himself to infiltrate the Imperial ranks but seems to have trouble with the seals maintaining the ruse for almost the entire game!
Roll R2-D2, roll! Using the standard Escape 7TV scenario the rebels must retrieve the Millennium Falcon from the Death Star hanger......... again!
Yoda vs Stormtrooper minion. Not much of a fight really even despite the armour. This is one game where lightsabers really do live up to the films!
Playing a Cameo role (Disadvantage) Vader arrives at the appropriate moment but fails to spot his own son. Fatherhood in a galaxy far, far away.
Chewy falls to massed Stormtrooper fire, finished off by Vader a la Force Lightning. Burnt hair smell all over the hanger deck!
Bobba Fett drops in on Han shooting him in the back with a stun shot and slapping on the binders. R2-D2 came to the rescue but was then Stormtroopered to pieces. Bring on the carbonite!
It wasn't like this in the movies! After a momentous clash of squeaky balloons Yoda eats floor. The power of the dark side!
Finally making his presence known Luke roles only 6s and 1s, slaughtering a Trooper and then reuniting with dear old dad. It didn't go well!

Next game will be the count-down to carbination whilst Luke returns with Leia, C3-P0 and as many rebel troopers as Ackbar can spare. No Bothans were hurt during this transmission :)

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