Monday, 4 July 2011

The Week Off - Day 1

Hola peeps

After a particularly busy fortnight at the work-face I have a week off to bum around and we all know what comes next. Yes that's it, grand intentions that will never be fully realised! As a veteran of such events I've finally given in to sensible realism. Shameful I know but I clocked up another year on Sunday and now exist within the late-mid-thirty bracket and such things seem inevitable :(

So, my strictly limited goals are to clear my workbench and build, but not paint, some St Peytersburg scenery.

The workbench currently features the St P civilians, which have been waiting very patiently for highlights, plus the current batch of supernaturals. Buildings wise it's a barn plus some fences or a small church. I SHOULD also put some scenario ideas onto paper!

Today's progress has mainly involved the completion of various necessary chores, "clearing the decks", plus some work on the St P supernaturals. Tomorrow's will be minimal as i'll be spending most of the day with the missus getting beaten at tennis desite my recently purchased £10 racket!

Gaming wise some Dr Who 7TV is lined up for Wednesday eve plus a Star Wars session Thursday. So basically I've done very little and have 3 days remaining.

Inevitability don't you know but still better than going to work :)

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