Friday, 8 July 2011

The Week Off - Day 5

The Friday feeling is a bit different as I wonder where the week has gone and then don't really give a monkey's as I've greatly enjoyed being busy doing very little.

I have finished off the St Peytersburg supernaturals. Mr and Mrs Coven have proved quite taxing to paint due to their very simplicity and the fact that I'm not very good with flat detail. She's modelled on Nanny Ogg and I wanted something other than black robes for him though as I type I wonder if a flat brown set of monk's robes would have worked? Oh well, 4 PPs for the lot.
Meanwhile the civilians are almost done but I've had enough for the day and am feeling the pull of the X-Box. An easy finish at some point over the weekend!

Meanwhile here's some other shots of my previous offerings, hopefully they're somewhat better / clearer. I really should sort out a proper setup. Anyway, GTA IV awaits!

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