Sunday, 17 July 2011

Born in a Barn??

Back in the good / bad old days of working for the big dad Gee-Dub-Ya a major personal highlight was getting to build loads of scenery. As it was for the shop I could experiment as I went and rarely planned that much.

So this time round its the same enjoyment but a good deal more fore-thought. Initially looking to build a barn I've knocked up a taped together shell with dimensions based on a 28mm figure.

To check size I've lined it up against Mr Peyterson, his store, stables, coach and employee. It was looking a bit too tall until compared to the coach at which point I felt much happier. Maybe its a bit pointy but I want that Dutch / Sleep Hollow look. I think I'll go with what I've got, ......suck it and see!

Next stage is detailing, internal as well as external. I've got sections of balsa to provide a veneer of planking, pre-biro'd, to then add doors, windows etc etc.

Tomorrow I need to go and pick up some card mount for basing and roofs. I could also do with a bit more foam-card because I've made up a second shell, realising that the same dimensionscould work for a local church, I just need to make up the requisite bell tower.

Nerd me up Mr Stationer!! :)

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