Friday, 15 July 2011

Gunboat Diplomacy

Thank Thrud it's Friday!

Going back to work, early mornings in the gym and life in general has been utterly knackering. I have at least got two gaming nights in but nothing else hobby wise though that's not too much of a worry after last week.

Tuesday night at the club I has a go at Spartan Games latest offering Distopian Wars. Having played quite a bit of Uncharted Seas it was pretty much the same game with a bit more going on.

Supposedly Steam-Punk its only really the models and boarding actions with rocket troops that begin to convey this. Otherwise it seems to be a simple WWI / WWII naval game.

The soon to be released Antarctican faction looks nice and we didn't really use the full air or any of the land forces so maybe I'm wrong but I find it relatively unlikely that I am. One to wonder about.

Thursday night was a bit more Star Wars RPG and after a bit of internal tension last time out. A few of the lads have privately informed me of their reservations as to their bosses actions last week and made it clear where their own moral line in the sand was drawn. More importantly they were prepared to back it up with action!

In the end everything pretty much diffused itself as when returning to the scene they discovered that the salvage crew had abandoned ship, disengaging their cockpit escape shuttle and heading for the closest chance of help.

Slight tension as everyone looks at each other for a lead on what to do. Hunt them down or let them go. Let them go,...for now!

Boarding the remainder of the spaced shuttle they had to deal with the lack of atmosphere, gravity or illumination plus an older model salvage droid left to fire foot long pitons at them. Said conditions made it an interesting encounter with the turning being the sudden restoration of the gravity.

Just about everyone hit the floor hard, including the Salvage Droid, for Mormar to administer the cou de grace despite leading from the rear again!

Looting just about everything in sight it soon became clear that all the best salvage gear had been taken and that there used to be a deep space sked on board. Taking on board the remains of the recently downed Salvage Droid and another model that had been in mid-repair the same choice came up....Hunt them down or let them go.

Let them go,...for now!

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