Sunday, 24 July 2011

Raising the Roof

As I type i'm sat watching the Wallabies tearing the Boks apart in the first Tri-Nations test that I recorded from yesterday.

After playing a few hours of football this afternoon, more impressive to those who know me, I've watched the last 90 minutes of today's cricket and the F1 highlights, which made it seem like the most action packed race so far this season.

All this sports viewing has been the background to putting the final construction touches to the barn. Rather pleased!

Whilst playing around with Google Images fro reference material I've come across Pennsylvania Dutch barn hex signs which all lends very well to St Peytersburg and as usual I had no idea what-so-ever!!

All my scenario-writing efforts and time have been Star Wars focused recently as the new gaming chapter opens up and as such nothing has really happened on that score for St P. To be honest it isn't likely to for a while and so I've decided to concentrate on sorting out the figures and scenery until I can devote the proper time to get back to gaming it.

It might be a while and with a good hobby start to the year I'm happier with a more relaxed pace for a while. Aiming at the autumn with the nights drawing in and a bit of a nip in the air seems to fit all to well :)

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