Friday, 29 July 2011

The Farce Strikes Back

Similar title, similar-ish set of events during last nights Star Wars RPG session. Same major commodity i.e. LUCK.

The evening commenced my presentation of the serious injury system that I previously threatened and finally done something about. Well done me....... eventually.

A quick bit of retroactive playtest later and we have a system that we're all happy with to replace the rulebook character death system that would have seen us two down already!

Basically, anytime one of the chaps goes unconscious, due to zero hit points or GM ruling, they make a Constitution check. Base DC (Difficulty Check) is 10 with +5 if the hit was greater than Threshold and +5 if the event is deemed severe (crashing a speeder bike at 300 kmph) on a cumulative basis.

Pass, dust yourself off and keep going. Fail by graduations of 5 to receive a Stun, Light, Heavy or Severe wound each with their own effects. Fail by more than 20 or a natural 1 is a death. Force Point expenditure is allowed except for the natural 1. I want to encourage proper ROLE-play rather than character generation!

So recapping form last time its a semi salvage mission of a Trade Federation transport which has someone else's wrecked / holed  shuttle docked to it. It was wrecked / holed  from the inside!

Plan A: Swing in close to allow and EVA recon of the scragged shuttle and then move up alongside the transport's bridge pod. Cut into bridge pod, eliminate resistance, power up various systems, use the computer to search the manifest for the target cargo and anything else high value, grab the above and leg it.
What happened next: Pilot / Co-Pilot checks for flying in danger close. Fail the first. Check again to correct / avoid collision. Fail. One more time to minimise impact. Natural 1s from both pilot and co-pilot. Oh dear! At least they weren't serious injury checks!!

We then spent a good 5-10 mins working out how to calculate the collision damage bearing in mind that the ships has just over 30 HPs total and we are talking low speed. A few bulkheads buckled and the ship is firmly wedged into the transport.

Plan B: EVA to the scragged shuttle, lightsaber out a bigger hole and do the job the hard way.

Long story short Plan B was a relative success. I had some fun making the boys take plenty of Perception checks for operating in their EVA suits and the hard vacuum where no-one can hear you scream as long as they turn the comm-link down!
A random Roger-Roger droid floated out form underneath the transport and I only sent notes to those who passed Perception being interested to see what they'd do. Charlie just tracked his, saying nothing, then lost it on a natural 1. Mr Christian was a tad more trigger happy shooting it and then Ian in the back for max damage.

The droid never fired. Was it taken out before it could fire or already decommissioned? I know but the boys never will including Ian who was mighty vexed, especially as he had to quickly repair his newly leaking space-suit. All good fun!

Edging into the shuttle's cold, dark, zero G cargo hold I adopted a similar approach. Four floating humanoid shapes turned out to be two dead crew and a couple of battle droids. The first one got hammered twice over due to paranoid fervour and then whacked with a stick for good measure by the increasingly jumpy Mr C. It probably didn't help him that everytime the droids randomised for a target they chose him!

Rounding out events Aaron overrode the door-lock to get into the cockpit, probably looking for somewhere to hide, which vented its minimal atmosphere to find the shuttle's recently deceased pilot in his seat helmet-less due to bingo air in his suit. How recently dead?

Once again, all good fun, .....especially for me :)

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