Sunday, 8 June 2014


Evening people,

Just a quick Sunday post to show that I've actually managed a bit of brush-time this week, today in fact, and also to show off a recent purchase that's provided far more geek-gasm than intended.

Having slowly picked up a number of Bolt Action accessories and necessities I'd been looking at a dice bag alternative. Shopping for a Father's Day card yesterday we strolled into Clintons and, also managing to achieve my primary objective, I also came away with this tin for my order dice :) £3.99 or BOGOHP I was rather pleased with myself and got the coffee version as a bonus for Dad!

I had been looking around and found a couple of offerings on the Imperial War Museum web-shop searching for "tin" but Clintons ended up right time, right place.

IWM do also have a range of rather geek-tastic T-Shirts including "Blimey" and Winston with a Tommy Gun!

Meanwhile I present the view from the painting station as PO Polyp, Lt Ponsonby-Smyth and Cpl Spatchcock near completion while the Sniper, PIAT, Light and Medium Mortar teams await highlights. There's a scary possibility that the coming week may actually bring a few Painting Points!!

Bligh-Mey!! :)

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