Saturday, 21 June 2014

Jolly Hockey Sticks!!

Hello people,

With a day off I've actually managed to finish off painting a few bits. 

In descending order I present 2nd Lt Ponsonby-Smyth, Petty Officer Polyp and Cpl Spatchcock.

Ponsonby-Smyth comes across as a typical member of the uniformed aristocracy yet behind the chortle is something a touch darker. De-bagged after a "misunderstanding" at Burghley horse trials he has found a home in 45 Commando and set about proving himself just as tough as any enlisted man with a zeal a little beyond the necessary......even for a ginger!

Polyp has spent a lifetime in the Royal Navy with a dozen stories to tell to anyone he can collar. A brief spell spent with the Japanese after the fall of Singapore has accentuated his eccentricities to the point where shore duties were the best options for all involved. Constantly accompanied by his bulldog, Archibold, and an overpowering aura of rum soaked tobacco he is a definate "character".

Cpl Spatchcock was once the oldest butchers boy in Millwall as well as one of the youngest terrors on the football terrace. The war came as a blessing for such a young man who was, by twist of admin, trained as a field medic. His medic kit consists of little past his Sykes-Fairburn knife and an "enthusiastic" wound-care manner. Reported casualty rates in his platoon are startling low, many preferring to face the Germans than Spatchcock's tender ministrations.

Plenty to go but 6PPs in the bank and the scheme zeroed in. Meanwhile the "Wheels" are now prepped in British Racing Green awaiting detail and dirt.


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