Saturday, 28 June 2014


Hello people,

Time for the thinly veiled catch up / musings post that you all love so much ;) Feel free to run away now.

So the other week myself and the missus went down to Newquay for a few days and managed to explore a little bit of Cornwall (including several rather large pasties).

As part of our travels we visited Tintagel castle which has a strong connection to the Legend of Arthur and is also somewhat more ruined than I'd expected. Wandering about the place, pamphlet in hand, we gawped at the remains of Dark Age abodes and peered into Merlin's Cave with requisite suspension of disbelief.

Despite not having much more above thigh height than the main bailey it is still impressive being located a massive rocky outcrop. Wandering around the scenic views of rolling Cornwall I found myself thinking that I must crack my LoTR SAGA force out at some point. Also need to finish up the Troll and those Fatigue markers. 

Later that day the sat-nav took us along some seriously tight costal roads with high hedges and crops brushing both wing mirrors at once. "So this must be a bit like bocage country then!" said the inner geek with an impressive level of wonderment. "Hmm, Bolt Action league when I get back!".

I'm guessing that this is a common phenomena for many of us? Feel free to share :)

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