Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bigger Donkey

Afternoon all,

Tuesday night was TOYs, as it's known in the office, down at my long, long-time gaming club, Enfield Gamers.

Personally I was up for a bit of Bolt Action action. Having somehow missed D-Day we recently played a mega-micro Caen game and to follow up I'd vaguely organised an Operation Goodwood night as that Op finished on 1st July 1944. Turning up with rulebook, scenarios selected, order dice and dinner I realised that I'd managed to leave my army in the office which cued much cursing and mirth depending on who you were!

As fate would have it that actually evened up the Bolt player numbers so I set the night up with the Axis players counterattacking the Allies. Meanwhile a couple of the guys set an Epic game of X-Wing and a further game of 40k. This left me as a third for Cards Against Humanity, a hugely non PC cardgame. 

As such I now bring you a thumbnail night down at Enfield Gamers as a compare & contrast to your local.

- We're a fairly small club with an average turnout of about a dozen at our typical church hall. We can set up ten 6x4s if you breathe in and have about three cupboards worth of various terrain squeezed in and around a pair of lockers.
- Tea and Coffee is on tap with choco rations at a price and plenty of local take-aways and hostelries for dinner on the run.
- Were an older club, averaging mid 30s, with most systems having got table-time over the years. GW has given way to more diverse offerings as the years have rolled by and it's fair to say that we're skirmish rather than mega-battle. Board and card games provide pick-up and extra time gaming under the heading of "fun games".
- We're pretty open minded to what we play week to week. We've recently settled on a couple of regular monthly campaigns, currently Bolt Action and Zombiecide, with specific open gaming nights and even a touch of Roleplay on occasion.

So, how do we compare? Feel free to come and tell us in person as your first night with us is FREE :)
Tantive IV takes its first run out!
Grey Knight Thunderhawk.....thunders into view!
Axis counter-attack
Something a little different.....and VERY wrong!

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