Monday, 28 July 2014

To INFINITY and Beyond?

Just recently I've noticed the INFINITY starter set and I'm highly tempted.....

Wayland are doing 20% off pre-order by the end of the month to go along with the exclusive pre-order figure.
Operation Icestorm
The new, and long awaited, 2 player starter box set from Corvus Belli is finally here.  While Infinity has some great faction sets as jumping in points, this new 2 starter set will be a great way to start playing Infinity, add to your factions or start a new one.  This box is bursting with amazing miniatures as well as the new 3rd Edition rulebook and everything else you need to play Infinity.

There will be an exclusive miniature for all orders received before August the 31/08/2014. Here is what you get in the box:
PanOceania Faction:
3 x Fusiliers, 1 x Svalarheima Nisses, 1 x ORC Troop, 1 x Akalis Sikh Commando, 1 x Military Order Father-Knight.
Nomad Faction:
3 x Alguaciles, 1 x Grenzer, Grenz Security Team, 1 x Mobile Brigada, 1 x Spektr, 1 x Reverend Healer.
 Exclusive for Pre-Orders received before August 31st 2014
1 x CSU, Corporate Security Unit.
Plus: Game Mat, 3 PanO Dice, 3 Nomads Dice, Scenery, Ruler, Markers & Templates, Introductory Rulebook.

I've ummed and ahhd on Infinity for a while now. I love the figures the fluff and the feel.

Having watched the Beasts of War unboxing the scenery looks really good despite being fold up printed cardboard thought the "Game Mat" looks like a fold-out printed piece of paper rather than a Deadzone style mouse-mat that I was kind of hoping for.

The thinking is that it's a project in a box for a game and IP that ive been eyeing up since Salute 2013 with plenty of crossover scope for EotE / Sci-Fi roleplay and skirmish. If it grows as Infinity then great, if not then thats fine too.

As much as i could do with sitting down and planning my projects for tge rest of the year this feels like an absoloute steal that will provide a bit of variety with defined goals.....a scary idea for any lead mountain merchant ;)

I seem to be talking myself into it, if noone else, with remsrkable ease!!

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