Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Path Less Trodden

Hello people, 

Last Wednesday night we got back to EotE with three of the group in attendance. Our rule of thumb is that we'll go one man down but one of our number has had to drop out for a while so we've lost Kardosh MIA. Sindori also required a longer soak in Bata juice than most.

As such it was Agenai, Perit and 7-UP-0 who faced a fairly scathing debrief with Sgt Chung as they assessed their planning effected their ultimate performance. A fair few frank one-way exchanges later there was no doubt as to their position with HI-HI........ Moving on they did get some credit for capturing a couple of "live" leads, and even some XP to spend, who were currently being "processed" for Intel.
Given that Kardosh was MIA the lads also got the loan of an Intel sliced DROID, cunningly disguised as a battered Rd, named R4-X2, who also provides a live feed back to HI-HI........

Recapping mission objectives it was decided that Kanto was still priority one along with Jared Tinson, the apparent Slicer brain behind Kanto's throne. Assessing the apparent leads the lads came up with the following options;
1. Head back to Ronsons (quickly vetoed by Chung)
2. Search Tinsons Tech for leads
3. Follow Kardosh's comms signal
4. Head back to the scrapyard and search Kanto's speeder again

Plumping for Option 2 the lads trundled off to Tinsons only to find it closed up. Going for the regular MO of a Perception check Agenai went big with a couple of Triumph to not only work out every minor crack in the storefront but also realise that the street vendor across the road might "know something"!
After a minor tiff with Perit, Agenai was originally going to take 7s with him until Perit informed him that HIS people were rather secular and unlikely to respond to silver-rod, the fleshy pair of the party approached the "meat on a stick" stall. There was a lovely display of crab juice ;)
Chucking up yet another Triumph Perit need not have worried as his fellow wanderer took to Agenai, digging him out a big stick with extra "sauce". He also informed them that the shop had been closed for almost a week and that the locals were worried for Jared especially after Oskar the tramp who lived in the alley had been found dead a few nights ago.

So helpful was the vendor that he even provided an introduction to the butcher keeping Oskar's body before Resyk collection which 7s was able to examine. Unfortunately it soon became clear that Agenai had stolen his die-fu as he spent all night rolling chod! As a result the top screen was somewhat indeterminate.
Further given the descriptions of the two local cantina patrons that had found Oskar the lads moved on. Strolling in Agenai made another Triumphant Perception check for anyone looking "shady". I cut it down to the two inebriated Samaritans and a particularly watchful Rodian at the back of the bar.

7s trundled up to the bar and started plying the good samaritans with the local brew to discover that they had almost literally tripped over Oskar one of them vaguely remembering some form of shadowy cloaked figure who may have been stood over him, a burst of darkness and the figure "flying off".....spooky!
Meanwhile Agenai managed to have a weird semi-coded conversation with the Rodian about needing to pick up a "package" from Tinsons with the Rodian telling Agenai that he definitely wasn't going to leave and meet him in the alley in ten minutes......
Ten minutes later Agenai edged into the alley with Perit covering him from a local vantage point and met the Rodian at the back of his running discover that he's a gun dealer looking to move in on Tinson's recent closure.

So.....maybe nothing too much to write home about BUT a few leads picked up to develop further. More importantly the group as was on the night played to their strengths, using tech and soft skills to gather Intel, rather than finding a firefight they couldn't win (most of them!).

How's that for spending your XP? ;)

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