Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Joyful and Triumphant

Hello people,

Thursday night we got back to Star Wars Edge of the Empire and thus there was much rejoicing :)

Moving on from last time out, with two of the lads captured and one MIA, the last two standing (just about) called in for the cavalry. And lo did two other operatives rocked up with a speeder full of stimm-packs and a hefty price tag. In practice Mr C and Rob ran a couple of souped up pre-gens, Twilek and Wookie Bounty Hunters respectively, while thier main men languished in captivity.

Stimmed to the max the lads counted up the grenade stash, two stun and one frag, and planned thier assault on Twistys around them. Basically Sin and Agenai were going full frontal to shoot in a window and chuck in the stuns while the Bounty Hunter Brotherhood (BHB) went through the back door on detonation.
A decent plan and the Stealth rolls to get into position weren't too bad. However this was when the bad lads and I started rolling Triumphs and the stealth bit went a bit out of the window.

The lads then rolled particularly poorly for Intiative having the first action but then nothing until the fifth! 

For the record they were facing;
Boskk - Barabel Brawler (Rival)
Mange - Wookie Scout (Rival)
Rikks - Sullatan Slicer (Rival)
3 x Thug (Minion)
3 x Thug (Minion)

Somehow the bad lads started the shooting of any accuracy targeting Sin, but missing, only to blow out the front windows and shower him and Agenai with glass. Weathering the storm Agenai then hurled both Stun Grenades into Twistys......only to fail epically and discover they were BOTH duds. At this point Mr C's girly Twilek BH threw herself bodily at the LOCKED back door only to bounce off with a few Strain plus puzzled looks from the Walking Carpet variant. In a fir of pique Mr C blasted the lock into oblivion to his great annoyance when it didn't simply shoot open a la Death Star offerings. 
More puzzled look and a few "there, there" growls......
Back out the front Sin was attracting the majority of bad guy fire with a double Triumph to negate his dodge ability, as he clung to the floor, and put a Dazed Critical Hit on him. Agenai threw caution to the wind and went for the frag grenade only to fail badly again and re-model a portion of Twistys roof structure. the one up was that Sin was doing a good job at blasting Boskk holding to the of adage of "remove the head".

Around the back Walking Carpet set about the back door with his chainaxe with encouragment in the form of expressive dance. this wasn't helping Sin too much who took another Triumph induced Critical Hit while Agenai also came in for some blaster-love.

Sin did at least drop Boskk, who had moved back to use Perit as a Gand-Shield only for Mange, remember him?, to have a go with his new toy, Perit's sniper rifle and drop Sin unconscious in return. 
Things were, once again, looking pretty grim as the lads put on the Hindsight 20-20 goggles and wondered why they'd bothered with the back door.
"It's pretty tough, though a Triumph would get through it in short order!" said I, never believing that Rob would produce the good. So thusly Lady Luck smiled her benevolence upon him and the door splintered!

Rolling in the BHB had time to witness Mange complete the set by dropping Agenai as one Thug group attempted mouth to mouth on Boskk.......for a Triumph!! Walking Carpet went Wookie on Wookie with Mange while Mr C inspired Thug group 1 and Rikks to dive through the front window and beat a tactical treat.....across Sin and Agneai's recumbent forms :)

Meanwhile Thug group 2 were dragging Boskk through the window while Walking Carpet was beating Mange to his knees. Some rapid fire from MrC saw Boskk dropped quicker than a Beiber quote about 1945 with Mange loosing the roaring contest to surrender.
So.....two of the lads unconscious, two coming round, one MIA for the capture of barely breathing Bossk and a partially shaved Mange. Thank the Force for the Bounty Hunter Brotherhood!!

In honesty this was a game of 8 Triumphs, 5 rolled by the GM. Her Ladyship has struck again!

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