Monday, 28 July 2014

Something a Little Different

Hello people. A musing of a slightly different motivation.

Ive recently upgraded my phone, from I Phone 4S to Samsung S4 mini if you must know, and as i sat on the train downloading my various essential Apps, without which i would likely return to the Stone Age, i had an epithany type thought which  coalesced into something of a resolution.
I moan to myself that I don't read anymore, something that's always been a highly enjoyable, whilst spending horrific amounts of my spare minutes, at work on the train and lazing in my pit, playing App games, Civilisation and Risk chief among them.
As such there will be no such downloaded distractions on the S4, though hopefully more posts with better quality photos. I'm going cold turkey and expect it to hurt like hell. This in itself will be an interesting side project outside of what i manage to achieve. Starting easy i have a big stack of 2000AD to catch up on and this months, impulse purchase of WI.

Not quite the Betty Ford but a damn sight cheaper :)

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