Monday, 7 July 2014

Resistance is Futile....

Evening all,

A few of us from Enfield Gamers headed down to Marquee Models (MM) in Harlow for their first Star Trek: Attack Wing Organised Play (OP) event otherwise known as the Tholian Web.

MM had 8 players booked in but only 5 rocked up. Between myself, Mr C and Shado we had Klingon, Federation and two 4th Division Battleships. Between them the other two players deployed a Borg cube and two Borg spheres all tooled up with multi-factional upgrades and captains.
In short is was violent, dirty and...well short! Three rounds took a total of 2 hours and with a bye each round only two players got a full set of three games, excluding myself and Mr C.

With the least competitive fleet out there, amongst some fairly serious offerings, I got absolutely hosed against the Cube / Sphere fleet, sat one out and then was a single Hull Point away from taking Shado only for the dice to go against me. It was a good competitive game and well needed to save the day for me, figuratively as well as literally.

Fair enough MM are just getting their OP games of the ground and the local community should support that for it to flourish, you get out what you put in. Their are always going to be growing pains but that first game was awful and unfortunately it wasn't just the fleet that I was facing!! :/
There was a fair bit of post event chatter about balance, abusive lists and gamesmanship :(

However.....I find myself looking forward to the same event down at TTN next Sunday and really want to get a few games in with my Dominion. Happy Day!!

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