Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wheels of Steel prt 1

Evening all,

Having received a reasonable sized pack of goodies from Warlord earlier this week I spent the last couple of evenings getting my armoured elemant put together and stowaged up. Once painted they'll be marked up for the Black Bull Division which served alongside 45 Commando from Omaha through the the Scheldt estuary.
But I digress.......

The AEC cleaned up and went together very well, as did all of the kits and pretty much got the leftovers of the stowage sprues I'd picked up as I didn't think the Cav would go in for that sort of thing so much. Very bottom draw don't you know old chap!
The first Bren Carrier will double up as the Recce Carrier option so got a pair of Brens, a dedicated crew and plenty of camo tarps to lay-up with as and when necessary. Tempted to add some bandage cam-net but that might get a bit too busy.
The second carrier I kept much cleaner a potential troop carrier, most probably for D Section. I haven't really used troop transport too much just yet so a read up is required before trying them out. A rack of jerry cans and a couple of tarps is good enough.
And finally the Wasp with a few tarps kept well away form the business end of the projector.....that's for Jerry and his kind! I picked up a couple of transfer sheets but could do with vehicle numbers and maybe some Alllied Stars..........which is a perfect excuse to pick up the British Engineers pack and head swap them as a Commando flamethrower team.

Just to fit them in the list...........and ACTUALLY paint everything up :)

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