Thursday, 26 November 2009


I rather enjoyed Toys on Tuesday night :)

Got in a game of WWII Battlefront in the run up to the start of the Pacific '44 campaign and even after a month it all came back rather easily.

My Jap Marines took on Charlie's US Marines in a stiff skirmish for a jungle village.
I had entirely infantry, primarily as I'd left the heavy stuff at home, against a mixed USMC force and the result was particuarly bloody.
My numerical superiority was soon felt as were my limited AT resources, so Charlie's Sherman along with my inaccurate artillery became the deciding factor. With infantry to ermm.....burn? I put in several assaults on the tank and eventually a pole charge found a weaks spot.

A very narrow, very costly win. Now I just need to paint the little chaps!

Meanwhile the 'tasche has thickened up nicely. A few more donations coming in, including a couple last night, and the missus has purchased me a beard trimmer as a counter to my intent to keep it until new year.

Otherwise all the effort feels like it'll go to waste....... nothing to do with another month of chin stroking, oh no!

A bit more hobby prep this week. It's all for the roleplay session next week and I want to keep them under wraps for the mo. I'm SO funny!!

Meanwhile I picked up the Decemeber copy of WI today, motivated by Battlefront's Nam project, and the first flick has been impressive. I actually WANT to read just about all of the articles. That hasn't happened in a year or two.

I noticed a little text box mentioning GW's upcoming 20mm WWII release... intruiging!!

Beer and boardgames tomorrow night round at Ian's, which is always a good craic and then a weekend away with the girly being pampered so a bit of both. Not too shabby :)

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