Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pretty in purple??

Ermm........ NO

Rarely has an England win been greeted with such apathy. That's it for me on the subject, there are plenty of column inches dedicated to the topic elsewhere.

Elsewhere Wasps beat Gloucester AGAIN and Sarries lost :)

On that note it's the tour match against Sprinboks tonight and of the 44 on the team sheets 32 are Boks. That's far far too much Biltong for my taste.
Personally i'll be recording it, as it's roleplay night, and will watch it later in the week having no idea who i'd rather have win.

Meanwhile, i've had the worst of the 'tasche's trimmed away and feel much the leaner for it. I also did the ironing last night to let me spend Thursday and Friday getting some decent time with brush in hand for what seems like ages.

As previously mentioned it's the next installment of Clones tonight. The aforementioned plan has been hatched and even committed to paper. If only I could be so diligent with learning the rules.

Oh well :)

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