Wednesday, 18 November 2009


i.e. 20 and 1 combined, of which there were plenty of Tuesday night!

Aaron rolled a few 20s whilst Rob and Charlie rolled a horrific number of 1s. It was immensly amusing for all of us and something of a coup de tat for Mr Christian whp proved immensely capabale all evening. Wonders may never cease.

With a somewhat snappier plot-line the temporarily reduced party picked up thier new contract briefing and plunged headlong into a bar-brawl of chaplin-esque proportions.

Charlie repeatedly blasted the smeg out of the ceiling and then shot Rob point blank whose own efforts seemed to somehow assist the Gammorean brawler beat him to a bloody pulp.

Mr Christian, he who previously hasn't been able to shoot a barn door, became Reno: Unarmed and Dangerous, beating all comers senseless with a stick!
This included an enraged Wookie and then the Gammorean, who at the time was looming execessively large over Charlie, who had somehow managed to ensnare himself in a stun net!

After patching up some serious bruises a spot of surveillence was called for, covering a meet and following on behind.

Aaron bluffed his way into a security station and a natural 20 later had the entire security net at his disposable. Must have been one of those "back doors" from the movies.
The follow involved Rob's scout crashing his speeder bike at the very first opportunity, possibly due to an excessive load of painkiller, at which point Mr C once agian saved the day.

Elvis had left the building!!

This bloke, Stuart Tinner, also rolled a natural 20 hitting the cross-bar with a drop kick from 30 metres in his SOCKS!! This won him £250'000 and a number of admiring cheerleaders.

Well done him!
This was at half time as Saracens took on the Boks at Wembley winning by one point with a 77th minute drop goal. With a 45'000 turn out and a thriller of a game they've pulled off a stunning spectacle.
Begrudging admiration is due, but it still feels wrong!

It's now Friday night, yes it's taken me that long to tap this out, and i've managed to secure a few more hours with the brush tonight. Just a few little bits to get done first so i'll push off.


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