Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mo-tivation's what you need....

.... if you wanna' be a record breaker...YEAH!!

So, for some bizarre reason, mainly a combination of boredoma and curiosity in all honesty, i've decided to grow a 'tasche for Movember.

Movember is a men's health charity, primarily involved with prostate cancer. I've never grown a full 'tasche before so this should be quite interesting. I'll update my profile photo as a tracker.

The missus was away in Seattle for work last week which gave me the chance to get a head start on it and actually she's been nicely supportive of my good intentions. Well, her fault really for leaving me unsupervised :)

I had Monday as a day off this week, having worked Saturday, and was really quite productive basing and prepping the Japs, Starship Crew and Security Team Zeta. Not a lot of 'tasches involved but I have some green stuff knocking about!

Last night was Clones roleplay round at mine and the chaps completed thier second contract with some aplomb foiling the biker gang's train-jack thusly securing the combat droid and it's errant handler in the process.

Admittedly Charlie did almost die fighting Kid Zero, the gang leader, and now sports some impressive scars, after Rob shot him "accidentally", but overall a good result with cash in the bank.
Zero did save his own skin but i'm sure he'll be back at some point.

I've also been rather impressed with the general quality of the Star-Clix. A quick bleached bone dry-brush and basing them up has produced some good results. 1/4 PP each seems fair and has opened my account for November.

No real hobby time 'til the weekend now. The missus is busy most of the day and can't get round before about four. Terrible, i'll just have to paint toys solidiers and watch Johnno's boys take on the Aussies then. When will she learn.............. :)

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