Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Roller-coaster of....erm, love??

Wins , losses, sales, purchases, the lurgy and some fairly impressive fireworks, it's been a busy week of sorts.

Jonny 9, Australia 18. England's talisman made an emmensely strong return to international rugby, though behind the soundbites it was a performance of individuals, some better than most, against an actual team.
Shame, strong start but the second half was painful.
Wasps beat Irish though so not all bad, for me at least.

I made my first e-bay sales on Saturday, the last of the Empire army, and they did better than i'd hoped. That's another £120 burning a hole, though i've got plenty on the TOYS plate for the mo.

I did find a US site selling individual Star Wars Clix and i'd loaded up on 15 useful individuals for just over a tenner. Potential postage of £30 pulled me up at a rate of knots. No sale.
A Wasps training shirt with name and number is tempting me severely........ for chrimbo, obviously!
Not a lot of hobby action i'm afraid as the weekend didn't workout as planned. A friday night out on the Coke (cola) and quality time with the missus saw to that!

Unfortunately I've been off work with a virus since yesterday. I must have been bad 'cos I even missed toys at the club last night.
I have at least managed to finish off basing the Star-Clix today and do a few bits of prep today, so back to work tomorrow. Ah well. With the Clones roleplay the next jobs have been offered up and the chaps have decided to pursuse a sabotage contract, with Beastie Boys vid to the fore.

We had a feedback session last time and a little less talk and a little more action has been requested. Elvis and I are more than happy to oblige.

I have a PLAN.......

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