Monday, 23 November 2009

Like the Murphys..........

........ i'm not bitter!!

Wasps got hammered by Saracens yesterday afternoon in a game of two halves. really was.

The first half was fairly decent given the horribly sodden pitch and featured actual Rugby which, apparantly, has been a scarce commodity at Vicarage Road so far this season.

Plenty of aerial first off, but that seems to be par these days. Our backline was a touch shaky and Sarries picked up a opportunistic try but a try all the same. 13-6 at the break was fine as we were palying a lot more actual Rugby and were well up with territory and possesion.
A few penalties had held us back but we just needed to click.

The second half was 40 minutes of boot and the ref's whistle..... only one side was getting pinged and they weren't wearing black.
A direct quote from the Sarries fan next to me "What exactly have your front row done to piss off the ref so badly?" Whatever that 40 minutes was is wasn't Rugby :(

We kept playing for the full 80 but Sarries bossed the scrum, the line-out and played the ref far better than us. We were trying to play more rugby than we could manage and had no plan B.

22-6.......... i've ALWAYS preferred Guiness.

Still, a good day out with the missus, her bro, the lovely Anna and I got to do some shouting. I've also finally finished painting all of the Clones scavengers, the end is in sight, and it's toys tomorrow night.

Top of the mornin' to ya!!

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