Saturday, 6 December 2014

Joyful and Triumphant

Well it is the season for such sentiment!

Getting back to Edge of the Empire this week the chaps found themselves in geosynchronous orbit behind a suitable asteroid as a result of last time out.

First order of business, having recapped all of their many leads / loose ends was forming a plan of action which quickly centred around how much, or little to tell HI-HI. On the far left of the debate was 7s who was incredibly keen to report back and hand over everything in the hope of repaying a large chunk of indentured debt. On the far right of the debate was Sindori who was keen to report back as little as possible and strike deals wherever else they could keeping their newly acquired thrusters "Moody Mynock" into the bargain.

After checking 7s for bugs and control chips it was decided that his sycophancy circuits must just have gone into overload. There was also the matter of his super secret hard-drive still languishing with Dr Robotnic. 

Ignoring 7's sycophantic bleatings it was decided to first follow up events with Mr Cloak, which greatly pleased Sin who was keen to settle scores, before calling home.

With Tanner at the sensor station he started to kick out the Triumphs in establishing the local space-lanes and as such the most covet approach to Mr Cloak's last known position. Agenai just about managed to deliver from the pilot's seat and the Mynock was soon approaching the tethered asteroid otherwise known as Mr Cloak Central. Tanner once again delivered with the scanner identifying two likely openings in the asteroid.

At this point Agenai had rather overcooked things and was approaching Mr Cloak Central rather which point he pulled out a Triumph and looped beautifully into the right-handed crevice (ooh err) pitching and yawing to perfection to cruise into a widening cave mouth perfectly positioned to approach a compact hanger bay.

Putting the Mynock down next to Mr Cloak's blinged up Firespray the boys suited up and trooped out through the airlock, carefully buttoning it up behind them. Perit and Sin checked out the perimeter while Agenai ripped a panel off the Firespray for Tanner and 7s to try and hack their way in. Middling dice defeated Tanner but put the Firespray into lockdown without setting off any alarms. Agenai somehow convinced Sin to cough up his last remaining grenade to rig up a low-tech booby trap.
With Tanner once again doing the necessary with a couple of door locks the chaps made their way in to their newly discovered facility via the cargo / tradesman's entrance and into the main control room, which was evidently decently and expensively put together.

Settling down at a number of various control stations the lads set their hacking skills to use with varying degrees of success.....until Tanner went for the schematic with a Triumph plus multiple Success and which point I simply handed over the map, plus key!

Running through the fruits of their labours;

- Mr Cloak Central is a covert medical research facility
- It's part-time and currently in lock-down having been mothballed a few months ago
- Fully staffed it has a capacity of 20 split between medical and service personnel
- Medical personnel are recruited for each project though several have been present for more than one project
- There are 4 semi-automated operating theatres
- The medical and support blocks are divided by a hermetically sealed PURGING CHAMBER with an airlock control protocol and a variety of purging system
- A number of doors / airlocks (marked in red) have recently been accessed within the last 6 hours

By this time Sin's trigger finger was getting particularly itchy and had resorted to hacking the nearest door-lock with his rifle-butt.

Thankfully Tanner managed to disengage the doorlocks before any major damage was done to those all important Hermetic Seals. Taking the point the headlong assault with Agenai holding position in the PURGING CHAMBER plan was put on hold.

Next week.......Lock and Load cos' we're hunting Cloak! :)

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  1. Did someone say PURGING CHAMBER...may be a good idea to not be there when the whole purging action takes place