Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Spirit of the Season

Hello people,

With Enfield Gamers mothballed until 6th January a few of the chaps reported to casa del Oddleg Tuesday night to scratch the itch. After a few minor emergencies it was myself, Charlie, Rob and Mr C.

Mr C had been keen on playing Rebel Assault, an early gift from himself, but he was running late so the rest of us plumped for War on Terror and had it set-up as he arrived.

It hadn't come out of the box for a while but the simple RISK-esque mechanics meant we were soon back into the flow of things with minimal effort. From initial deployment Rob made a play for Antarctica and South East Aisa while I went for the Americas with Charlie and Mr C set to carve up hte Europe / Africa landmass. Much as with RISK no-one fancied trying to take and control Russia.

Charlie was fairly aggressive straight out of the blocks taking lumps out of Rob and Mr C. Mr C took the bait while Rob consolidated and I quietly built my powder puff pink empire :)

Fighting on multiple fronts (lessons form history?) saw Charlie fairly stretched and deploying his state sponsored Terrorists early doors. Mr C responded by Nuking him (subtle that lad) into a very definite 4th place at which point Charlie turned terrorist! This is an excellent mechanism within the that means that eliminated players take control of the Terrorists making them a proper late game faction and keeping all your players in the game.
Having learnt our lessons in previous games about deploying Terrorist with wild abandon only to be mullered by them during the endgame (lessons from history?) myself Ron and Mr C quickly developed a co-operative strategy to keep Charlie in check. It took a lot of effort but worked, also producing a far different and interesting game.

Charlie played his part well, including rhetoric and trying to set the coalition against itself. As we moved into the endgame Mr C was, predictably, the one to make the final play throwing Nukes at me...twice (subtle that lad). Thankfully my carefully prepared Nuclear Bunker and Disarmament Treaty foiled his plans for me to complete my liberation of the Americas to claim the 10 Liberty Points required for victory.

"America.....saving the world from the world...and all that lovely gushing oil" ;)

Merry Christmas

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