Thursday, 18 December 2014

Pigs might Fly

Hello people,

Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers myself and Dave T managed to get in three very entertaining games of X-Wing during the evening. I went with a couple of variants of my Lockjaw Shuttle / Defender list while Dave had a couple of runs with a TIE Bomber list he'd put together. 

I was running a couple of variants on Col Vessery  (TIE Defender) with Heavy Laser Cannon supported by an Omicron Shuttle with Weapons Engineer and Vader plus a pair of Academy TIEs to run interference.

So for the first two games this saw both of us running a Vader Doom-Shuttle generating obscene numbers of target locks between us. Having learnt a few bits from Sunday's games I deployed the  Shuttle and its TIE escort centrally and then Vessery in response to the opposing fleet. 
This gives the Shuttle a greater sphere of influence but I soon realised that as it moves and gets its action prior to the opposing fleet the ST-321 upgrade is well worth 3 points.

The Shuttle also takes quite a bit of fire, as a slow large target, which meant I didn't get to use Vader much as I simply couldn't afford to take the damage.

Tweeking the list a bit more I'm looking at;

Col Vessery - Veteran Instincts - Heavy Laser Cannon
Omicron Shuttle - ST321 - Weapons Engineer - Ion Cannon
Academy TIE x2

That leaves 3 points for Vader or a Hull Upgrade for Vessey.......just have to playtest!

Scarily I actually managed two, rather rare, wins from three against Dave. He's still got the bragging rights but it's moving in the right direction. Can't believe it took me so long to give this game oa go :)

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