Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Resistance is Futile

Hello people,

After a rather bubonic Christmas period I'm currently sat watching Episode IV waiting for some washes to dry as on a few more of my recently supplemented X-Wing fleet.

For a game that I initially overlooked, making an  vaguely informed, "logical", decision, for Attack Wing I'm now a full convert.

From my initial purchase of a Firespray, in preparation for Scum and Villainy, I now have;

- 1 x Firespray
- 4 x TIE Fighter
- 3 x TIE Interceptor
- 1 x TIE Defender
- 1 x TIE Phantom
- 1 x VT49 Decimator
- 2 x HWK-290

All this on top of;

- A new KR case
- Two Red Bubble printed long sleeve Ts, one an 8 Bit Style Boba and the other a TIE Pilot.
- A set of Cog O' Two movement / range rulers. I wasn't going to but then they released a Black Sun set...in white, which now that I've painted the recessed detail crimson matches my fleet scheme.

Mr C was good enough to donate me one of his several vinyl 3"x3" game mats and there were also a couple of packs of extra dice.

That will be it until Scum and Villany rock up. It's been a fairly decent investment but one that's paid itself back hugely already. Can't play enough and actively looking for days out on it, which has been a nice revival. Even at a competitive leavle the Meta is as well balanced as you could hope for, encouraging inovation.

On that note myself and Mr C rocked up at Lost Ark again last Sunday and got in three games, for which I ran a TIE mini swarm for the first time, given my seasonal additions;

Soontir Fel - Push the Limit - Royal Guard - Stealth Device - Shield Upgrade
Howlrunner - Swarm Tactics
Mauler Mithel - Swarm Tactics
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot

First up Mr C ran a Chewy / Dash twin 360 list, which looked fearsome by reputation. My dice were pretty hot and Chewy went down with minimal losses. Dash struck back but Fel got inside Range 1 and stayed there for the win. Mr C then swapped to 3 stress dealing B-Wings which looked good on paper but got hammered....twice.

I made a few newb mistakes manoeuvring the swarm but, as always, learnt from them. Looking to drop Shield Upgrade on Fel for a Targeting Computer but otherwise all good.

The apprentice may have become the master....for the day at least :)

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