Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dreaded D

Hello people,

Last night down at Enfield Gamers I once, in fact twice, faced off against the Empire's latest tabletop addition in the form of two Decimator lists as my last couple of practice games before our X-Wing Charity Tournament this Saturday.

First up was a return fixture against Dave T with Rear Admiral Chiraneau with Tactician / Rebel Captive combo supported by a Captain Yorr Shuttle / TIE Wingman stress relief valve. I went with another Boba build featuring Push the Limit, Rebel Captive and Engine Upgrade supported by a pair of PTL Royal Gaurd Interceptors.

As with previous Dave T encounters I got hosed, big time, by a combo of diametrically opposed dice and some poor flying. I did at least get the hang of the Squints pretty quickly and was well impressed by the Shuttle. Added to shopping list :)

Second up was Mr C with the Rear Admiral (snigger) loaded up with Expose, two Tacticians and an Engine Upgrade with a couple of TIEs in support. I rejigged Boba with Predator, Rebel Captive and Engine Upgrade.

Much better game for next his time having placed a central asteroid field that the Decimator circled most of the game. Being allowed to jump on the supporting TIEs helped no end before I initially went in at the beast in a relatively uncoordinated manner. 

Noses bloodied I regrouped and we went at it again for a grandstand finish with the Admiral chasing Boba around whilst toting a bucket load of Stress. Eventually Predator at range 3 saw me grab the win :)

Things learnt;
- Arc dodging Interceptors are fin to play and look great. They also deal with Stress well.
- Decimators are surprisingly nimble for a big ship. At Pilot Skill 8 I often had trouble getting the Admiral in arc.
- Pouring on the Red Dice from Range 3 is probably the best way to deal with a Decimator
- I shall be flying Boba with Predator, Rebel Captive and Engine Upgrade for the foreseeable
- A Decimator and a Shuttle are on the want list

Really looking forward to five games on Saturday......sure I'll get Dave at least once ;)

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