Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Interstellar Tsunami

Hello people,

Last night down at Enfield Gamers X-Wing Wave 5 arrived with a BUMP (snigger) as Dave shot me off the table two games in a row with his latest. It should be STRESSED (fa-narr) that I had a particularly enjoyable time of it and, once again, learnt a lot.

I once again took my most recent Boba-Gator / Echo / Red Shirt TIE list. First game Dave took a pair of Decimators which are as physically intimidating as the recent hyperbole floating around the various virtual commentary groups. I attempted to group my recently manufactured asteroids to create a field to slow them down though unfortunately it hindered as much as it helped me.

My relatively poor manoeuvring of Boba plagued me all night, though not as badly as my Defence Dice, and I had a hard time focusing on one Decimator. They have a surprisingly decent dial and my apparent lack of all out attack dice seemed to tell. Unable to hide Echo from two 360 arcs left her on the back foot and in trouble fast.

Second game Dave unboxed his YT-2400, which is a sweet looking ship and went Fat Han / Fat Horn on my ass for a second tanning of the evening. Boba got alpha-striked to atoms in about three turns, though his inability to Evade played it's part, leaving Echo to chase down Mr Horn in vain.

Across the evening I failed to kill a single ship but had a good time doing it. Dave once again went with his Stress inducing builds which continued to cause me issues on top of some heavy 360 degree firepower. I realised Echo would have a hard time but not quite how hard. It reinforces how important manoeuvre is in this game!

Developing my own list, next time out with Boba will feature Rebel Captive and Push the Limit to see how that goes, probably with a pair of Royal Gaurd TIE Interceptors........a gift from Santa of course ;)

All of this will hopefully sort me out a final list for our upcoming X-Wing Charity Tournament. You're very welcome to join us!

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