Monday, 22 December 2014

Life Affirming Experience

Hello people,

It's started toa few weeks since Last Time Out but Tuesday night we managed a full house as the lads stalked Mr Cloak through the mothballed medical research facility. No issues there then!

Having already Triumphed his way to a pretty full schematic Tanner stayed at his workstation, assisted by 7s, as technical support while Agenai, Perit and Sindori crossed the PURGING CHAMBER, following Mr Cloak's apparent route to the Lab.

Tanner, having taken control of the doors, let the lads in who stealthed their way around the frigid low-light lab peering into the Recovery area next door which sported a number of super hi-tech medi-beds, a couple of which seemed occupied. Opening and closing the relevant doors in sequence, with the intention of containing Mr Cloak, the boys moved in for a closer look.
Two of the beds contained some seriously overgrown and ugly cyborgs of a rather crude and greenish hue plus tusks and bad breath. With something for him to do 7s hot-footed across, dug out his half of a med-kit and kicked off some inappropriate invasive surgery after at lest checking for pulse (no) and brainwaves (yes). Sin joined in with a rather less precise method of rifle butt and bowie knife as the hunt stalled somewhat.

Meanwhile, Tanner rigged the internal sensors to try and locate any signals from any remote devices, assuming that Mr Cloak was likely to be active. Rolling up yet more serious Success Tanner triangulated in on the unit on the far right of the map, simply marked with four internal units.
The source started transmitting........the cyborgs stirred.

To be honest I had started to wonder if we were still hunting for Cloak or carving the turkey but once the cyborgs so did the lads, especially their trigger fingers. The cyborgs proved to be tough old birds, though 7s one proved a little wingless. Filling the fully functioning version with a combination of laser bolts and stun darts 7s ignored his wingless wonder who then rolled out of bed and face-butted him into an emergency shutdown.
Feeling the heat Tanner opened the door in the direction of the signal for Perit to stalk encounter Mr Cloak making his exit stage left taking a certain teenage computer genius (Jared....remember him?) with a heavily bandaged arm before him. Storming out behind him was Daddy Cyborg....the super pissed version!

Having previously rolled rather poorly for Intiative Daddy C barrelled into Perit and gave him a good old fashioned slap with an industrial chainsword.
Working out a damage equivalent Mr C suggested a chain-axe which is Strength +3, Pierce 3 and +20% to Critical Damage rolls. Making friends there Mr C?

Rolling away Sin turned his rifle setting up to 12 and let rip. Daddy C hit back with a Triumph for a big ol' Crit. Agenai hid behind a bed and took a potshot with his pistol....

Daddy C took a Stun Dart up the nose from Perit, who had rolled under the nearest Med-Bed while Sin did his best to find level 13. Daddy C hit Sin again with another Triumph for an even bigger ol' Crit for Sin to hit the floor. Agenai hid behind a bed and took a potshot with his pistol....

Perit shot again and rolled away. Daddy C cut through the Medi-Bed above him winding him badly. Agenai hid behind a bed and took a potshot with his pistol..........Daddy C fell down.
Meanwhile Tanner had been fighting his own desperate hacker battle with Mr Cloak over the door and environmental controls of the unit. Swaying back and forth Tanner pull another Triumph out of the bag but with enough Threat to Stress him into unconsciousness just as he was negotiating with Mr Cloak, safe passage for Jared.

This all happened just as Daddy C hit the deck leaving Agenai and barely breathing Perit to negotiate. Previous conflicts left the boys jittery and unwilling to try the trigger, more of an option with Sindori sucking floor, so safe passage was traded for Jared.

There was the small matter of HOW to open the doors with Tanner drooling into his keyboard. Answer; spend a Destiny point to regain consciousness. Cracking out yet another Triumph Tanner opened the door into the freshly prepped PURGING CHAMBER allowing Mr Cloak to believe that it was all his doing. As Cloaky reached the far door that belief was rudely dispelled with the door lock making that raspberry sound and the PURGING CHAMBER notching up to 13........not a lot left to worry about!

So, another major battle, plenty of people on the floor and more questions than answers.....must be time to dish out some XP :)

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