Sunday, 30 November 2014

Light or Dark?

Hello people,

Whole week of not a lot to post about really, not even too much Farcry 4 either, though it is highly entertaining :)

Hobby wise I got in a game of X-Wing Tuesday night against Dave, who took Boba and Kath with plenty of stress inducing upgrades which took me by surprise. Add a dash of flying Echo poorly and I was soon left with just my own Boba who was eventually forced off the board by a combination of Stress and Critical Damage. Good fun :)
Wednesday night's EotE session fell pray to injury, sickness and overtime leaving myslef Big Rob and Mr C dusting off Martians, the extra-terrestrial version of Zombies, for a couple of unusually co-operative games. It took the first game to remember how to play and the second to put the lessons into practice....until next time!
Rounding out the week with something a touch more productive I sorted myself out some double sided asteroid tokens. Nice and simple 3 layers of scrap card double-sided taped together and sprayed up. Black and then a very light bit of white one side and a fair bit more white on the other so they'll stand out on whatever backdrop they're on! No painting points but a feeling of accomplishment :)

Now if you'll excuse me I'm back off to Kyrat before bedtime :)

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