Monday, 10 November 2014

Long Weekend Update #2

Another day, another update ;]

As is always the way I didn't achieve as much as I might have liked to yesterday but I achieved enough to be happy about! The Firespray has come on a treat with hatching complete and some impromptu dags adding a slightly more feral element that I'm very pleased with. Engine colour went from blue to yellow for a bit more contrast and I've even added some light effect around them and the canopy. Just transfers, weather and highlight for the score!

Additional bonus of the day was discovering the Celestra Grey is a direct placement for my beloved Dheneb Stone and is a natural highlight for the washed TIEs which have had wings and cockpits blocked in with the Fighter additionally Celestra'd. Highlight, wash, highlight...done!

No work on the HWK but I know which paint is going where.....mainly!

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