Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Mixed Bag

Evening people,

Despite a busy week I've still managed plenty of HOBBY with an evening of Halloween Zombie-Hulk Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers and another EotE session on Wednesday, combined write up next week.

This afternoon myself and Mr C went upto Marquee Models in Harlow for their STAW First Contact OP event. We've been before, a few months ago, when the turn-out was a bit low and there was a player of an ilk diametrically opposed to mine i.e. Mr Power-Git.

Game 1 was a decent enough with a relative Noob. Game 2 was Mr Power-Git, 90 point Borg cube, who I managed to beat after he misread one of his many upgrade cards. Despite fleeting heartfelt satisfaction, he didn't react very well, it was still a tetchy 20 minute game so not my preference. Game 3 I got hosed by the Tournament Organiser, 90 point Borg sphere, who had earlier given Mr Power-Git a bye so he could play......and win the event!

After all that I placed 3rd of 9, three places above Mr C if you needed to know, somehow missing out on one of the three prize ships in the pack......ermmm...???

Big bonus of the day was bumping into a bunch of guys who used to be my regulars during my time with GW. It was really good to catch up with them and chat NERD, which had all always been a big perk of the job. They play every other Sunday in Cheshunt so I'll drop in next week.

Whilst there I also took the "opportunity" to pre-order my Scum and Villany "investment". I also picked up a HWK-290.....and also a TIE Defender and TIE Phantom. They're fine because they'll let me cross-over with some Imperial Slave based lists. Maybe I could do with a TIE Interceptor??

I also picked up the EotE Imperial and Rebels and Scum and Villany Adversary Decks which are definitely made for my "freeform" GM style.
Having stocked up for the month it's brushes at the ready,..... at least until Farcry 4 hits the doormat!

Happy days :)

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