Monday, 27 October 2014

Labour of Lurve

Hello people,

I don't normally do WIP post but I have an ulterior motive, just not mine!

Ian Dawe one of our founding members, at Enfield Gamers, will soon be cycling several hundred miles across Africa to raise money for Teens Unite who do great work with teenagers fighting many types of Cancer.

To help Ian on his way are running a one day X-Wing tournament to raise funds and awareness for the charity. For more information and donations visit

For tournament info please see the Facebook Event Page

Personally I'll be going Imperial with a Firespray-31 list, probably with a trio of TIE Interceptors. I've pretty much got the bas colours on now. A bit of pre-highlight, details, transfers pre wash and weathering. The grey sections will be black and white chequer and I've picked up a couple of Tau transfer sheets to go all Manga-esqe.

Really enjoy this one. Looking foirward to getting it on the table even more :)

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