Monday, 6 October 2014

Bonus Points

Hello people,

As a result of twisting my ankle playing football yesterday I've been forced to have today off sick. It's been horrible.........obviously!!

The bonus, other than two posts in one day, has been an unexpected glut of brush-time, ankle appropriately raised. As such I've finished off painting A, B and D Sections for my Commandos as well as the vaguely converted flamethrower.

I've obviously got a few spares knocking about but that's pretty much about 1200 pts now so plenty for a while. Besides I'm not sure I want to paint another Commando backpack for a little while.

I also specifically use the phrase painted as I still need to put the the shoulder patch transfers onto all of these and the remaining weapons teams, about 40 figures in all. A fun filled night at some point :) Better photos as well!

Meanwhile that's 30 figures for a whopping 60 Painting Points. I still need to sort out the pin markers as well as smoke templates so not quite a completed project just yet but still a big lump of painting off workstation.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow and then the club :)

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