Monday, 13 October 2014

Voice Over Internet

Hello people,

Wednesday night we once again gathered for a bit of EotE love. The twist was that this time out Ryan returned via Google Hangouts which, once Charlie had persuaded my laptop to behave, worked incredibly well. I also got a free PC check-up which was a bit of a brucey.

I've used Google Hangouts before when Rich was running a specific GH EotE campaign. It worked well enough, GH has an EotE dice App and Rich could put various screenshots, but the whole experience lacked the atmosphere of all being sat around the same table, which seems a fairly obvious thing to say!

Following on from last time out the boys brought Agenai up to speed, much to his consternation, before putting him to work sneaking their gear out of HI-HI, given that they were heading down to the lowest mining levels in their fancy gambling duds.
Arriving in Grey Sector the boys realised that other than knowing that their contact was the foreman of Grey-17 they hadn't gathered any other Intel and were doing a good job of standing out. In honesty it didn't take too much to work out that the HSE hadn't quite made it down here just yet. Run by Black Dogg Amalgamated Grey Sector is located close to the asteroids crust with each mine located in a number of clusters serviced by a dual mono-rail, a heavy version for ore and a lighter version for workers.

Making their way down to Grey-17 the lads worked out that is was pretty low tech, a few cameras, foreman and supervisors rather than full on security, no obvious HI-HI presence. All rather an asteroid. The boys also noticed that the vast majority of workers were wearing a motley collection of old flight and pressure suits all of which with built in air supplies as a consequence of working so close to the crust.......squeeky bum time!

Hitching a lift to Grey-17 the lads strolled in to the local operation with a container crate doubling up as an office. Leaving Perit outside to cover their back and giving 7s direct instructions to disable his speech function the crate got a lot fuller as it already contained a Rodian and two Gammoreans, one of whom was sporting some interesting cranial furniture while the other mainly slobbered.

Agenai took the lead with the Rodian fireman, Guido, cutting straight to the point that they were here to meet their contact. Guido played things coy, very the point of ignorance in fact leading Agenai to suspect that he was a stooge, foreman or not. Challenging him Guido got rather defensive and deciding that he needed to go and fore his men. Piling on the pressure Agenai stepped into Guido's path, Trandoshan vs Rodia, at which point the Gammorean with the cranial furniture introduced himself as Gonk.....with a cut glass accent reminiscent of Sir Ben Kingsley.

Assuming his muse Gonk explained that Grey-17 is sub-let from Black Dogg following their bulk mining of the area. The location close to steroids crust allows certain opportunities to be carved, quite literally, form the rock. Clandestine meeting points would be one of them. Mining the finer seams is both a cover and an almost profitable sideline. Much like Gonk himself!

Satisfied with their calibre Gonk lent them a selection of fetching third-hand pressure suits and Guido as a driver / guide.

Thrashing it through a network of  darkened sub-tunnels in an eight-wheeler the lads arrived at an overlit bulkhead door. It wasn't quite a neon sign saying TRAP but it was fairly close. Indicating that this was as far as he was going Guido revved up for the return trip. Agneai stayed on board refusing to get Guido floored it and took him with him.

Left in their dust Perit backed into the substantial shadows to cover the main tunnel while Sindori, Tanner and 7s edged towards the bulkhead which lead to deck-plated rock chamber. Moving in they were soon joined by two average height bipeds in in a couple of high-quality full-iridium-face-masked pressure suits.

Following their voice distorted instructions for the handover a pair of data-slates were placed onto the deck for a simultaneous handover....just as Perit picked up a couple of combat suited chaps tactically advancing toward the neon sign. Cue handover / contact in 3....2.....cliffhanger!!! :)

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