Sunday, 26 October 2014

Orctober - Something a little different

Hello people,

Another lazy weekend and time with the brushes has seen my contribution to Orctober completed. There was something of an ulterior motive as I've been fancying the new Ork figures since Black Reach but it was never going to happen.

I've got a use for these guys as cybernetically enhanced mutants, which feels very Ork. Many years ago, for the Armageddon campaign, I converted up some bikers and painted them with human skin-tones as muties. With these guys I started with my usual greens and then worked in some Cadian Fleshtone up to raw highlights followed by 3 or 4 layers of green wash.

Everything else was kept pretty basic, to reflect thier lack of status. Pretty pleased and another 6 Painting Points, even broke out the Light-Box fo the photos :)

1 comment:

  1. Lookin good! Should get some nice bases for these guys to help those paint jobs pop! I like the cloak and work on the warboss. Very cool!