Saturday, 4 October 2014

Slave to the Darkness?

Evening All!

So...4 games with 3 Z-95 Headhunters and 2 Y-Wings. Expecting to take a battering I somehow pulled three wins and ended up spending the final round on the top table. I did then take a bit of a pasting, despite giving a decent game, and dropped down to fourth of ten players but that was still a major result....and one place higher than MrC ;]

The List: 99pts
Z-95 - Airen Cracken - Swarm Tactics
Z-95 - Bandit Squadron
Z-95 - Bandit Squadron
Y-Wing - Dutch Vander - Ion Turret - R2-D6 - Veteran Instincts
Y-Wing - Gold Squadron - Ion Turret

I'd slapped it together wanting to try out Z-95s and Ys ahead of Scum and Villany and picked up a few synergous bits between the options which apparently worked rather well. It took half a game to settle but after that I worked my options a lot better and starting manoeuvring as a unit.

The 95s swarm well but are fragile while the Ys are proper tanks and with a pair of then I can pull circuits and cover a wide area with Ion fire. All in all a good day out.

As I was always likely to I picked up a Slave 1 on the way out. Thinking either going full Boba with the paint scheme or working up something a bit more Black Sun, bone and crimson most likely.

Fully converted to the ways of X-Wing I am :)

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