Thursday, 23 October 2014

Jolly Boys day out

Hello people,

Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers we continued the Jugula campaign with a day event at arranged by some backwater Magistrates to appease and distract the locals from the Roman yoke.

House Trottarius travelled up from Peckham having impressed in recent events with a number of wins and a few honourable defeats. A couple of casualties early doors have been balanced by the advancement of the the whole Ludus. Dominus Delanus has been well pleased....luvly jubbly!
Introducing for you entertainment, (L-R);

Rodanius - Murmillo - A simple lad, bit of a plonker at times but favoured by Delanus. The tank of the outfit, recently worked out what the pointy end of his sword is for - Palus; +1 Attack
Boycanius - Secutor - Razor sharp but mouthy. Looks for the opportunistic, flashy kill. Quick feet around the arena - Palus;  +1 Movement
Damianus - Thraex - A young lad, very intense, shunned by Rodanius. Enjoys his trade almost a little too much, likes to play with his opponents - Palus; +1 Defense
Marlenius - Dimacharius - An instinctive fighter, emotional in the arena. Brooding, blows hot and cold around the Ludus. Very, very close with Boycanius - Palus +1 Attack
Trigarius - Hoplomachus - Dumb but dependable. Same "lucky" spear his entire career. Eight new shafts, nine new heads but still the same spear. - Palus +1 Attack
Albertus - Retarius - An ex-sailor of some experience with a net. Sailed many seas and has a story to tell for every one of them. The elder statesman of the Ludus - Palus +1 Attack

This week the trip north didn't sit too well with the lads. Somehow they never seemed to get into the groove of things. Despite taking the initiative an working around the arena pretty well they somehow lacked the....execution, and failed to make their advantage count. After that they rocked onto the back foot and slowly slid to defeat.

Thankfully no one died, always a bonus, but with the Ludus' newly found Popularity and Fame has massively increased costs and the trip only barely turned a minimal profit. Such is life, two weeks to recover before the next event...."This time next year Rodanius..... :)

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