Friday, 24 October 2014


Hello people, 

As I'm sure I've mentioned before I cut my wargaming teeth in same way as so very many of us, with GW. I've been a full on fan-boy working for them for six froth-tastic years until, well I decided not to anymore. There's very few of thier offerings that I haven't actively played (Gorkamorka / Man O War).

But that's long behind me now. As much as I can't not take an interest in the GW sphere it's just not for me anymore. The golden memories will remain, the less wonderful ones will be forgotten.
I have a grown up job, real world stuff to deal with and have morphed to a skirmish / board / card gamer as a necessity to keep on playing toy soldiers. Life is good....ish......enough.

As an ex I'm not (too) bitter and despite regular sharp intakes at various policies and sales strategies I still admire what hooked me in the first place....The figures!

I've seen a lot of campaigns,  and promotions come and go over the years as well as any number of new and re-releases from both sides of the fence. As grizzled and sceptical as I now am I have to admit that the new Nurgle End of Times stuff has absolutely stunned me.

Like I say, it's all well past me know and I'm never going back but WOAH!! This week I just HAD to go and pick up the last couple of White Dwarf(s) just to have a read off the fluff and rules (not that I'd understand all of them now) about these beasts. If I could justify the purchase, I would but I'm very sure I just can't.

On that basis you could say that I might just have set light to a fiver but sometimes it's not about that, it's about feeding the flame that's given you so much :)

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