Monday, 6 October 2014

Slice and Dice

A couple of Wednesdays back saw another consecutive session of Edge of the Empire as Sindori returned to the group after last time out and who hadn't been off gum running with Agenai.....oh no!

Once again the newest member of the group stepped to the fore, Tanner Voss force-sensitive Slicer extraordinaire. Jon, as  a player, has a talent for sensitive characters and the detail that they demand. He also has a habit for stuffing up my best laid schemes with the least effort and minimal intent with he ability to roll killer dice at a crucial moment....most of the time  

Name: Tanner Voss 
Race: Human
Career: Technician - Slicer 
Background: Tanner hails from the core worlds though he doesn't say exactly where from. Talented with computers from his youth Tanner could see things in the code that many others of his kind couldn't. Different enough as he, and others, have suspected that he harbours a level of sensitivity to the Force. Always on the move Tanner often goes farther than his contracts stipulate his need to explore a system or database as much a compulsion as anything else. This need has often found him in places he shouldn't more ways than one!
Back at the action Perit and Tanner headed back to Mr Fixit with 7s on autopilot though he blanked out for a bit to find himself reattached to his previous chassis minus his special black box which Tanner and Perit had agreed would stay with Mr Fixit for a while. Mr Fixit was also keen to offer his various services and the lads left with a promo pamphlet of the wonders of cybernetics.

Tanner also spent some time checking out the three McGregors data-slugs which turned out to be a full inventory of clients and thier storage, an as yet unactivated credit chip and some bio research data. Being the paranoid kind they were adjudged to be matters for another day!  Catching up with Sindori and heading back to HI-HI the chaps were keen on getting in some R&R before heading back to Von Furzt. They decided not to go empty handed with Tanner tasked to locate and copy the data that R4 had previously returned with. R4 hadn't yet been processed but the boys were pretty banged up and so recovery was priority 1. 

On the way to the maintenance bay 7s ran into Company Sergeant Chung who wanted a quick 7s lied his metallic arse off....poorly. Chung suggested that maybe 7s should download his memory logs so Chung could examine 7s lied his metallic arse off....poorly. Thankfully, for him, a lucky Deceit roll saw him through.Chung ordered a full systems analysis and a full team debrief at a few hours before heading back to see Von Furzt.
(As an aside MrC has occasionally tried to use his droid status to his advantage claiming perfect recall of any given situation so it was nice to play the other side of the coin - yes I know I'm a git)

Once rested Tanner got to work though by this time R4 had been processed and the data files from Tinsons so it which meant hacking into HI-HIs main system, no easy feat even for Tanner's force sensitive hacking abilities. Setting to work he got in decently enough, though not without the notice of the firewall, and located the Tinsons data packets. Copying them to a data slug proved more difficult with a near magical roll involving both a Triumph and a Despair.

Perfect copy of the data but the system knows......and it's telling! Time to log off!!

Summoned to Chung's briefing 7s once again prepared to engage lie like a bad rug mode before Tanner stepped in and went with the honesty version  of deceit admitting to hacking the system to see what he could cross-check against the Tinsons data. The lads then gave a mainly truthful account of their dealing with Von Furzt, including 7s photo uploads, which halfway satisfied Chung to the point he insisted that they call in immediately after meeting Von Furzt. He even reissued 7s with a Med-Kit!!

Heading back to the Bothwai Bantha Revue Bar Sindori once again managed to sneak a small arsenal in with him and once again engaged in a few rounds of Sabacc. Moving through to Von Furzt's office security had been noticeably upgraded and included a second set of security scans. Sindori didn't make it this time and refusing to give up hi weapons was escorted back to the Sabacc tables. Von Furzt was still edgy demanding to know if anyone had been "stupid enough to come in here with any implants".
It was at this point that 7s came over all open and honest "only the implants that HI-HI put in us". Cue barracking and head holding by the rest of the party. After a good deal of back-tracking Von Furzt insisted on moving negotiations to a covert high-security interview room aka interrogation cell where matters progressed to the chaps agreeing to everything he had previously suggested. 

To that end Von Furzt revealed his contact in the lower levels of the mines, a foreman code-named MID-KNIGHT who would act as intermediary for the buyers who should also have intel on the location of Kanto and Jared. Swiftly ejected from the Bantha the boys quickly checked in with Chung informing him by text message that they were heading down below.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go........

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